dutch horses..De Jeu Dressage is founded in 1996  with the birth of  Okara s. Jetset D out of  Jonkara Elite Sport s. Rubinstein x Weltmeister.

Jonkara was bought at the Oldenburger Elite Auktion in Vechta in the year before.

In 1996 also the filly O.Esther s. Jazz x Ulft x Amor was bought from the famous breeders Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt.

In the years after Ton en Emmy acquired several mares, Rullienda Ster s. Rubinstein x Buceaphalos and Mandolina Elite s. Rubinstein x Figaro.

The Rubinstein blood matches very well with the Contango blood and is the core of De Jeu breeding, the trainability, the fantastic character and the willingness to please is part of their successes in sport.

In 1999 Ton and Emmy bought a farmhouse with facilities for horses in Oosterstreek to start realizing their dream: breeding with top quality mares to get  top quality dressagehorses.

Ton rebuilt the house and barn with passion and care but helas when the work was finished and  they were ready to start their dream, he got ill and sadly died April 2001.

Sisther de Jeu was the last foal Ton bought and as a tribute to him Emmy added the prefix “de Jeu” to Sisther and all the horses that were bred by De Jeu Dressage afterwards.

The name De Jeu stands for quality and we aim to keep up the standard as much as we can.

Our successes in the last decennium proves we are on the right track!

Please click here to view our breeding mares and our foals from 2011 – 2015 and the expected foals for 2016.


26-2-2017 (Nederlands) Een mooi weekend voor De Jeu Dressage paarden

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11-3-2016 Spring is yet to arrive.. but the first 4 foals are here!

Spring has yet to arrive but our first 4 foals have been born already and they look healthy, happy and of course they all are beautiful (says every mom of her kids..;-) Lumière de Jeu ET filly by Sezuan...

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07-1-2016 A happy, healthy and horsey 2016!

I wish everybody all over the world a happy, healthy and horsey 2016 with all your beloved ones, human and animals! Looking back at 2015 I cannot help but be very thankful for the wonderful moments I shared with...

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