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Quality is highly regarded at De Jeu Dressage and that is proven by the many successes.

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De Jeu Dressage sells regularly foals and young horses out our own breeding.

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Sport Horses

For the De Jeu Dressage breeding and sport are inseparable.

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Private breeding farm

De Jeu Dressage is a private breeding farm with many breeding products in sport, started in the 90's by Ton and Emmy de Jeu, thanks also to their daughter Fleur, in 1999 Ton and Emmy moved to Oosterstreek in Friesland and from there the breeding farm was started with mare bought from the best breeders in Holland and Germany, also from the Oldenburger Auctions.
In 2001 sadly Ton passed away and as an homage to Ton and his vision on quality Emmy gave all De Jeu bred horses this suffix: " de Jeu".

" Quality is our main goal and is the calling card of De Jeu Dressage"

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