De Jeu Dressage sport horses have been in the news reguarly.

Icon Sisther de Jeu arrived at Edward Gal's barn at the age of six and Edward schooled her into a very successful international Grand Prix Horse. De Jeu Dressage believes that breeding and sport go hand in hand so that breeders should deliver what is necessary for the sport.


Our experience is that horses with a nice and compliant character will go far, often further than the more sensitive horses. That’s why we always try to match the stallions with our mares to achieve the best performing and most reliable horses. Also we like to visit competitions and see as breeders how the performances are at the different sport levels.

Some of our successes are:

  • Tractor de Jeu v. Contango x Rubinstein ZZ-L
  • Wench de Jeu elite sport eptm v. Jazz x Contango LT
  • Vivace de Jeu v. Contango x Rubinstein LT
  • Don de Jeu v. Jazz x Jetset D ggh in Zweden
  • Ungaro de Jeu v. Contango x Jetset D ZZ-Z
  • Eskara de Jeu voorl.keur v. Jazz x Jetset D NMK Dressuur Kampioen 2012
  • Sisther de Jeu v. Gribaldi x Amor elite sport eptm GP
  • Asther de Jeu vb Prok Ibop sport v. Contango x Jazz LT
  • W.Esther de Jeu ster v. Rousseau x Jazz LT
  • Che de Jeu v.Voice x Jazz PavoFinale 11/12
  • Brother de Jeu v. Voice x Jazz Internationaal GP Brons EK 2019
  • D.Esther de Jeu v. Voice x Jazz PSG
  • Florero de Jeu v. Don Schufro x Contango PSG Nieuw Zeeland
  • Ice de Jeu v. Chagall D&R x Skorpio Res.Kamp. L2 Hippiade 2018
  • Kratos de Jeu v. H-Ekwador x Voice 3e bez. hengst KWPN 2018
  • Esther de Jeu v. Voice x Jazz Int. GP

Also many foals have been champions at inspections and have we bred many well performing IBOP horses: Bijou de Jeu, Cisther de Jeu, Wench de Jeu, Etango de Jeu, Eskara de Jeu, Fiesta de Jeu, Ianthe de Jeu, Isha de Jeu etc. and they all had good results which often made them Elite mares.

Why De Jeu Dressage?

  • Own breeding
  • Consultancy
  • Since 1996
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